SHOCK TREATMENT (out of stock)

SHOCK TREATMENT (out of stock)

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From the creator of Lethal comes Shock Treatment, and boy, does it pack a wallop!

Bobby Motta has taken the concept of the Shocking Electric Chair to the next level! No more is there a need to pack two chairs with you; Shock Treatment is all you need! Whether you perform comedy magic, bizarre magick, hypnosis, you'll find that Shock Treatment will suit your needs.

Any time an audience witnesses a spectator jump out of his seat for no apparent reason, the result is instant mayhem! Now, Bobby Motta has made it possible for you to use any chair you wish, whether it is a fold-up wooden chair, armchair, metal chair, whichever; the chair pads you receive do all the work for you. One is gimmicked, one is not, and they both look identical, so no one will be the wiser.

A simple touch of a button on the included remote control will sent a slight jolt to your spectator whenever you wish, and the responses from both spectator and audience will be automatic.


    • Gimmicked chair pad
    • Ungimmicked chair pad
    • Remote Control
    • Instructions