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Imagine. At anytime during your show an audience member is invited to randomly select an object somewhere in the theatre/room. Then using only THEIR mind, actually cause that chosen object to move or fall on command! You and participant are nowhere near the object and an audience member can pick it up, closely inspect and even take the object home! Now the sting of the mighty Scorpion can be under YOUR control, ready to take your magic and mentalism to new, diabolical places!

The Scorpion has been an integral part of Bobby Motta’s hit  show Cryptic performed several times a week in Toronto over the past five years. And five years ago is when Bobby began his journey to create a strong, reliable and smooth wireless thread reel. Every step of the way Bobby refused to settle for anything other than perfection. As a professional mentalist performing regular weekly shows, countless monthly corporate events and making prestigious television appearances, Bobby needed something bullet-proof, dependable and extremely responsive for constant use both on stage and for close-up applications. 


Scorpion is a tool that can accommodate several effect options for a variety of uses and functions. Designed from the ground up with optional time delay or instant action control that could be triggered by a discreet remote (up to 30 feet away) or magnetic switch along with interchangeable thread spools, makes the Scorpion, a must-have weapon in the arsenal of any professional mystery entertainer. Anyone with the desire to create the appearance of REAL psychokinetic animation and movement, will find the search is over - now that the Scorpion has arrived!


Scorpion Applications:

Telekinetic phenomena made real. Move objects from across the stage, under glass - even in another room!

Real-time psychokinetic touches while you are no where near the participants.

Fool the skeptics with paranormal and poltergeist activity they will swear is the REAL thing.

Perfect for creating bone-chilling seance movements and animations that could instil lifelong memories and fears in your audiences.


The Scorpion Pro Pack Includes: 

The smoothest and quietest wireless reel on the market.

A remote control to activate Scorpion with instant action or 5 second delay control.

Magnetic activation option (ie. PK ring) with 5 second delay or instant action control.

Complete thread tension management dial.

Magnet in thread reel box to adhere reel under metal table tops etc.

Double-sided tape to adhere thread unit to non-metal or ferrous objects. 

White sticky tac putty.

Interchangeable reels of invisible thread and monofilament stage thread included. It’s also easy to insert and  use your own thread into the Scorpion unit for any custom applications you have.

(In addition to the provided items above you will need a 9 volt battery, not included.)