LECTURE 13 - Penguin Live Instant Download

LECTURE 13 - Penguin Live Instant Download

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Lecture 13 has gotten rave reviews from all who have attended. The material Bobby teaches is powerful, practical and has even fooled many magicians. In this lecture Bobby will teach his closer which he's kept to himself and guarded for many years. This is the closer that has built Bobby's reputation and has made him one of the busiest in the industry. Bobby will discuss Blackmail and Informant. Both have many uses and Bobby will go into detail with different handling and routine ideas. Bobby will teach BP which is a clever take on a peak that that uses a business card which has been fine-tuned with the input of Andy Nyman’s ingenious mind. One of Bobby’s go-to effects is STD. This is the one that is worth the entire price of the lecture. Enough said. 

"Strong magic. Strong performer. Bobby shows us how to be revered and loved at the same time." - Chris Ramsay

"Bobby is a great guy and a terrific thinker. Best of all, he actually makes his living with this material. It's too bad he's so weird looking." - Andy Nyman

"Bobby is the real deal and his routines always pack a punch, working pro that knows his stuff." - Oz Pearlman