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Give life to any object or livestock with “ALIVE”!

From the creator of one of the hottest selling items on the market “Lethal,” Bobby Motta has finally released his most talked about signature effect.
The performer invites a spectator on stage and writes down a prediction. Folding up the slip of paper, he hands it to the spectator so that she can place it inside a small box center stage. The performer never touches the box at any time.
The spectator places the prediction in the empty box, and the performer proceeds to display a deck of cards with different animals on each card. all the cards are different. The spectator selects a card, let's say a rat.
The performer recounts the events and reminds the spectator and the audience that, before the effect even began, a prediction made by the performer was placed inside the empty box. Explaining that he never went near the box, he asks the spectator to retrieve the prediction.
Imagine the surprise and the sound the spectator makes when she opens the box to find a REAL LIVE RAT waiting inside! The performer's prediction is MORE than just correct, it's ALIVE!

This is the effect that has created a real name for Bobby in his shows. It is a one of a kind, crafted prop designed by Gerry Frenette, one of Canada's leading illusion builders.

Also included is Bill Abbott's “Customize Your Smart-Ass” deck which you can tailor make for your performance. This is a solid, time tested routine that is guaranteed to thrill any audience!

Bobby will go through his entire routine from picking the right spectator to closing the effect with all the lines, bits of business, psychological subtleties and a slew of alternative handling and presentational ideas.


  • The “Alive” Box
  • Bill Abbotts “Customize your Smart-Ass deck”
  • Full Instructional video 
  • All performance rights included

"This is a great piece! Lots of fun, entertainment, mystery, and it can really be played for HUGE laughs! Bravo Bobby!" 
-- Jason Palter

"I can't believe the reactions I'm getting with this routine! When they open the box and see the snake, it's all over! Thank you for this ultimate weapon Bobby." 
-- Mike Durzo