LETHAL (3-4 weeks before delivery)

LETHAL (3-4 weeks before delivery)

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A card is selected, signed, shuffled, and lost. The spectator can even shuffle the cards. A knife is introduced and comedy ensues. Also, a target board is brought into play and placed around the spectator's neck, covering their torso. The deck of cards is then sprung into the air. The knife is thrown towards the target board, and in MID AIR, the knife pins ONE card to the board. Yeah, you got it; the signed selection!

Bobby Motta’s Lethal
 is one item that has generated a tremendous amount of buzz and will leave your audience dumbfounded for sure!  The magi has a spectator select a card, sign it and put it back in a shuffled deck – even allowing the spectator shuffle the cards.

Next the magus produces a big knife and a target board, which is brought out and actually placed around the spectator’s neck, the bull’s eye covering his torso.  Now the fun really begins, and the suspense too.

A deck of cards is sprung into the air and the magi throws a knife towards the target board, and in mid-air, the knife pins one card to the board!  Which amazingly turns out to be the spectators signed card!

This is more then a trick but a total act, and the good news is it is always under your control.  There are no stooges or assistants and the gimmick is absolutely self-contained allowing you to perform it any environment.  Comes complete with everything you need and includes a full-length instructional DVD. Designed and manufactured by Gerry Frenette!